LSD – Liquid Acid / Vial



Product Name : Lysergic Acid Diethylamide
Strenght : [ 100drops , 100ml ,125ugs ]
 : Available
Type : Liquid Acid / Vial
Quality : AAA ++
Color : N/A
Rating : 100%
Delivery : Guaranteed
Purity : 99.98%



LSD-Liquid Acid

Initially, LSD is available in the crystalline form, converted into consumable forms that include pills, blotters, and liquid form. Firstly The liquid LSD is dissolved in a solvent, either ethanol or a mix of ethanol and distilled water, converted into a paste using binding agents, and sold in the liquid form.

How To Consume Liquid LSD?

Most regular consumers prefer LSD vials over the other forms as it lasts for years when stored correctly in proper conditions. It absorbs quickly and is also easy to spit the remains. Most people prefer to consume some light meal before taking the LSD drops. When you take LSD in liquid form, it is essential that you don’t drink tap water. It is because when the drug mixed with chlorine and other chemicals may cause severe damage to the body. Since the bottled water may also contain some quantities of these chemicals. It is best to avoid drinking water for an hour or to make sure that you don’t destroy the substance’s effect. 

The best way to consume the liquid LSD is by applying it to a sugar cube or a spoon and placing it in the mouth for a few minutes. You must do it until the skin absorbs the entire liquid. You can only consume the liquid form sublingually. It removes all the concerns about the side effects caused by mixing it with food. 

To consume the right amount of drug, it is best not to directly pour the liquid from the bottle into your mouth. This may lead to you consuming fewer drops as they are not visible clearly to the human eye. Hence, the best way is to dispense it into a medium to reduce the errors and have someone watching you take the dosage. To make sure the drop doesn’t run off, avoid putting it on a small or medium surface. 

Whenever you dispense the liquid, remember to hold the bottle vertically and slowly squeeze it to get a uniform drop.

What Is The Proper Dosage Of Liquid LSD?

When you buy liquid LSD online, you need to know the exact dosage before consuming the drug. In most cases, a single drop ranges from 75 ugs to 300 ugs, and the potency level also differs. The manufacturer controls the drug’s potency by controlling the ratio of the crystalline LSD to the water solvent or the alcohol content. 

A specific amount of the dropper bottle solution consists of a particular amount of LSD and inert solvents. You can change the strength of the it dosage by increasing the ratio of LSD versus the solvent in the solution. The main points you need to remember for the desired dosage are that the LSD solution is at the desired concentration. Moreover, this is the dispensary device consistently distributes the desired amount of liquid.

There are two basic ways to get the liquid’s consistent contraction. After you buy LSD acid, one track is purchasing a larger quantity and doing everything possible to reduce the chances of degradation. The other way is finding a reliable source such as the reputed online stores. It is necessary to know the methodology for creating a solution that will not change over time.

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