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Product Name : Lysergic Acid Diethylamide
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Type : Paper & Gel Tabs
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LSD – Paper & Gel Tabs

The LSD you buy online is available in different forms, out of which the gel LSD and absorbent paper are quite popular. The LSD tabs available online are tablets that LSD gel infused in the middle, making it better smoother and giving it a new taste. At times you will notice that the acid gel tabs contain vibrant pictures imprinted on the top. Most of the active drugs in the microgram range, like the acid tabs for sale, are commonly distributed on absorbent paper. The drug’s liquid solution is applied on the paper, which is commonly perforated into individual dosages. These are generally decorated, and the art on the surface is referred to as blotter art. 

 The artwork is generally printed on the LSD absorbent paper and then perforated into tiny tabs, cut and torn apart, and sold as green acid gel tabs. It allows easy dosing of the potent substance and helps with a quick high. It is a long-lasting psychoactive drug. And the effects of the tabs generally last longer than when consumed in other forms. The absorbent paper and the gel tabs work in the same way as the original molecules by affecting the serotine receptors that cause visual and physical effects, including change in shape and color and hallucinations.

How Long Do The Effects Of The Acid Gel Tabs Last?

In most cases, you will begin to feel the effects of one acid gel tab in about 20 to 90 minutes of taking the drug. And the trip will last for around six to fifteen hours. But in most cases, the trips only last for twelve hours. In several cases, people experience afterglows till six hours of ingesting the drug. And it takes around 24 hours for people to return to the normal state. The traces of the green gel tabs are datable for five days in the urine. And in the hair follicles for 90 days.

How To Use?

The acid tabs for sale are made by combining the colorless and odorless liquid LSD with the absorbent colorful paper squares called blotter papers. Each blotter paper is subdivided into several tabs for individual use. These are considered safe and nontoxic as long as you take them in standard dosages. The assigned dosage is 1 to 3 milligrams per kilogram of the bodyweight for a moderate trip. But for first-timers who buy acid tabs online, it is best to stick to smaller dosages before you can figure out your capacity. So that it doesn’t create uncomfortable and intense highs, which may lead to paranoia. Every inch of a blotter paper generally contains 50 to 150 micrograms of LSD 

Effects Of Consuming Acid Tabs

The acid tabs online contain the liquid form of LSD, which is a psychoactive drug. Moreover, it alters the perception of the surroundings and also changes the mood and thought process. The acid generally affects the person in two ways it either affects the body or the brain.

Since LSD is a very powerful hallucinogen, the green gel tabs heighten the senses, and everything feels amplified, the colors feel brighter, shapes change, and you notice unusual patterns. The physical effects may include:

  • It increased blood pressure.
  • A faster heart rate.
  • Increased temperature.
  • A feeling of nausea and insomnia

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