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Product Name : Lysergic Acid Diethylamide
Strength : [200ugs per drop on a pill ]
Status : Available
Type : Micro Dots & Pills Acid
Quality : AAA ++
Color : Purple / Green / Yellow / White / Blue / Green
Rating : 100%
Delivery : Guaranteed
Purity : 99.98%

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These are chemical hallucinogens that generally come in small squares of paper; pellets are also referred to as micro-dots or in the liquid form. You can buy LSD in the tab or blotters form, which looks like small squares of paper with pictures on them or in the form of liquid or as tiny pellets. Once you order liquid online, you need to consume it, directly consume it by dropping it onto the tongue, or mix it with food and drinks. Most users generally swallow the microdots.

LSD, chemically referred to as lysergic acid diethylamide, is a powerful hallucinogenic drug. So you need to know how to buy LSD. Buying them from the street peddlers leads to adverse effects as they generally cut the product with other contaminants. However, buying them from the top online store gives you an added advantage of high-quality products with higher potency. The LSD prices in the US online stores are pretty reasonable, and they don’t charge you extra for their profit margin.

Being a potent hallucinogen, it generally creates a distorted view of the objects, and the reality and the experience are called tripping. The LSD trips can last for several hours and can be very intense. Whether you have a good trip or a bad trip depends solely on the product’s quality and quantity. Some people prefer taking LSD in tiny doses called micro-dosing to keep a perfect balance.

Since LSD is prohibited in various USA regions, several people ask the same question, where can I get LSD online? The best answer to the question is that you can get it from the top and reputed sites that offer your discreet packaging and door-step delivery and don’t compromise with the quality of the product.

Effects Of Consuming Micro Dots And Pill Acids (LSD)

Most people who consume these forms of LSD have a distorted sense of colors, sounds, objects and time. They seem to be in an alternate universe with different perceptions of everything. It may seem very strange and disturbing at times. Once you buy liquid LSD online and consume it, you start feeling a sense of euphoria, feel excited and energetic and even empathetic towards people around you. You most probably will burst into serious laughter without any reason. 

Some people also feel confused, suspicious, anxious and panicked due to the hallucinations. It makes them see things that are not present in reality. Since LSD feeds on your imaginations, every person has a unique experience. The trip depends on the quality you consume and the surroundings, and your mood. It’s best not to consume LSD when you feel depressed or sad. Because it will heighten those feelings giving you a bad trip. 


Once you buy LSD acid, the next step before consuming the drug is to know how long the effects last and how long it takes for the results to kick in. The duration of the drug’s impact depends on the dosage. Whether you are taking it with or without food and whether you are consuming it with other medications.

The liquid LSD bottle prices are pretty low, but they are very potent, and the effects start after two minutes of consumption and last for several hours with two to three hours of the peak. These are primarily detachable in the urine sample for one to three days.

Conclusively, it is a highly potent drug, and it’s essential to know how to get LSD for the best quality and know precisely how much is LSD so that you aren’t a victim to the peddlers -profit margin.

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