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PCP also referred to as Phencyclidine, is a psychedelic drug that induces hallucinations and detachment from the real world. The drug’s psychiatric effects vary widely based on the level of consumption and the drugs’ quality. Still, in most cases, it is linked with aggressive actions and psychosis, and overdosage of the drug is life-threatening. It is a schedule II drug that alters the consumer’s perception and mood and can also lead to abruptly stopping its consumption.

PCP was first available in the market in the form of anesthetic and tranquilizer under the name Sernyl. At a later stage, manufacturers discontinued it due to the aggressive outcomes and its potential for abuse, and severe psychological and physical dependence. It has several street names, including Angel dust, Elephant tranquilizer, hog, ozone, Wack, and killer joints.

It comes in the white crystalline form with a bitter taste, and it quickly dissolves In water and alcohol. You will generally find it in the tablet or capsule form on most online sites. Different users prefer to smoke, snort or inject the PCP powder or the liquid form. In several cases, users dip leafy plants like parsley, mint in the solution or even consume it with a marijuana joint.

What Are The Effects Of Consuming PCP?

PCP for sale works by affecting multiple neurotransmitters in the brain. And it hinders the reuptake of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotine. It also alters glutamate’s actions by blocking the NMDA receptors, which causes sensations of pain, emotions, and memory functions. Inhibiting these receptors helps the body to disconnect from reality, and higher dosages can even excite these receptors.

The drug’s typical dosage is 5 to 10 milligrams, and effects are felt after 30 to 60 mins of oral intake and lasts for around 24 hours. When you smoke them, then the results start in a few minutes. But as the manufacturers illegally produce the drug, there is no record of the quantity that makes your high or lethal consumption.

Side Effects Of Consuming The Drug

Before you buy angel dust online, you need to know the various side effects. The effects of the drug severely change according to the quantity and quality of the drug. Individuals mainly use it for recreational purposes as it produces euphoria, a sense of calmness, and psychedelic effects.

The drug’s metered consumption leads to an instant rise in blood pressure, body temperature, and heart rate, whereas the drug’s high consumption causes reduced blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing. The different experiences that most people undergo when they consume the drug are euphoria, distortion of images and sounds, and detachment from the world. Some even feel a loss of coordination and sensation. In severe conditions, people get agitated and show their impulsive side, and also feel impending doom.

High dosages of the drug lead to flawed reasoning and judgment skills and also causes a feeling of paranoia or psychosis, giving them a bad trip. Some people even tend to harm themselves or become violent towards others. Mainly they are prone to these behaviors. Several people also develop schizophrenia and a sense of invulnerability and extreme strength. Which exterminates the ability to feel pain and causes poor judgment, leading to severe injuries.

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